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There is a need for new form of education that will replace current schooling system. Education had its history since the beginning of human species. First education, some say, was when an elderly taught the young how to make and use a tool in an ancient family. In this sense, education was meant to be human act of sharing knowledge/skills so that we could live a better life. There is a strong tendency, especially in Korea, to consider schooling as the same thing as education. However, not only are there many other forms of education, schooling started only after industrial revolution as reading and math seemed vital for surviving in the industrial age. We are now facing the start of information age, making original schooling system outdated. Not only is it unhelpful for students, it gives enormous stress and burden for all participants of schooling - students, teachers, parents, even the society. In such a fast-changing and uncertain world, it's important for each individual to fully understand one's value and identity, which is what our venture is trying to emphasize. 

Our venture, named Project WIGI, started just after a student's graduation of high school. Having received school's education for 12 years thinking that such education is failing to nurture students' potentials, he wanted to make a documentary about it before I forget the experience. However, as he hit the road, he wanted to have deeper understanding of what really is education and schooling, and know of others' opinion. Since then, though started as a wish to make a documentary, Project WIGI has done various works in hope to understand and share true nature of education and schooling like hosting educational conferences and producing various forms of contents.

The message Project WIGI wants to share with the society is that it's important to study and be educated to fulfill one's potential, not to impress others. In order to convey this message, we've shared thoughts of teachers, students, CEOs, activists, and many others so that people can be ascertained of such belief. We use various channels to spread our word and constantly try to expand such channels. Most of the communication happens online through facebook, youtube, and our homepage. We also hold education conference twice a year and have a monthly meeting of those pursuing and dreaming of better education so that people can also make offline relationships. Sometimes, national newspapers like Hankyoreh and Hankookilbo help share our story. A participant of our conference once said that she was glad she wasn't the only one thinking that education was meant to be fun and useful. We hope that we could contribute to such realization for more people.

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